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June 27th 2011 I wrote a post ‘Do You Believe’ it was my first stab at partial fiction and it created quite a bit of chatter on line, in email and at work. The ghost was the only part I made up. I don’t believe in ghosts, or didn’t. Now I am not so sure.  Yes, I had an experience.

A few halloweens ago we purchased two chandeliers one of which hangs in our living room year round.

A few weeks after Katiebug, one of our cats whom had to be put down due to cancer, my wife and I were watching TV  I happen to glance at the chandelier, it was slowly rocking but only slightly like it was about to stop. At first I thought maybe I bumped it when I sat down because that does happen but the chandelier just would not quit. The heavy drapes were covering the window there was no breeze. I sat perfectly still feeling for any vibrations, there were none, yet the chandelier kept it’s slow steady pace.  I looked at the clock and decided I would not look at the chandelier for five minutes, it had already been ten. When the five minutes finally passed I looked up and the chandelier was still rocking steady like a metronome.

Very quietly I said to my wife, “I think we have a ghost” I got the strangest look in return. My wife is a believer but she knows I am not. I pointed at the chandelier.  “It will stop in a moment” she said.  “you probably bumped it and didn’t realize it” her words echoed my thoughts.  “No” I said it has been doing that for at least fifteen minutes. We both fell silent but I watched my wife out of the corner of my eye and she continued to glance at the swinging chandelier.  She seemed to be willing it to stop.  After a few moments she says, “We acknowledge and accept that you are here”  Still the chandelier kept on swinging. I waited a little while longer but eventually I had to physically stop the chandelier.  I freely admit that I had hoped that once I sat down it would start swinging again, it didn’t and it still hasn’t to this day, but I still watch and hope.


My beautiful ghost.

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Halloween for 2012 has come and gone.  Here are a few pictures of our decorations for this year.  Basically the same as last year with a few changes.

And here is a video of the outside decorations.

and an added element.

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My favourite month is October.  Not only is it my birthday month, not only is it my eldest sisters birth month.  I love the weather, I love the fall, (although not the cleaning of the leaves)  and in this house, we love Halloween.  The following are pictures that can be found on my Facebook page and they are images of Halloween’s past.  I know I should have imbedded pictures, but at the moment I am sitting, my legs hurt and I’m lazy, so finding some of these photo’s at the moment is just not happening, so I’m uploading from Facebook.  When I have time I’ll set up another tab on my blog just for Halloween pictures.    halloween, halloween 2nd vidroom 2009, graveyard smash, graveyard 2.

This year we ran out of time to do very much.  I didn’t even get to set up the coffin as seen above in the videos.  However all was not lost, we created a band.  The greatfully dead was playing at our house on Halloween featuring that ole’ honky tonk legend Skelly Bones.  Skelly was backed up by Sten on base.  The diorama’s I made some time ago and the bottles are a slow collection, most of which we find lying around on our property, the people who first owned the property burned all sorts of trash that simply didn’t burn, including old glass bottles.  Every now and again I go down to the burn sites to see what I can dig up, but that is for another post.  Go ahead to click on the pictures to see the details. 


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This is inspired by my mothers comment after I posted about things that annoy me.  Sadly, it is difficult to think of things to add to the list.  What does that tell you?  Aside from the obvious, (family, friends, animals) and other things I have mentioned before.  Keep in mind it is student rush here in the Happy Valley and I’ve been working 14 days between 9 and 10 hrs a day without a break,  and I am looking at about five more, so thinking is a little bit of an issue tonight. 

I like:

  1. The moments just before or after a rain storm.
  2. Halloween
  3. The Fall
  4. Taking off my heavy steel toed boots after a long day of work.
  5. Mexican food…real mexican food.
  6. A good book
  7. A plain Milk Chocolate bar, nothing fancy.  Toblarone is however, most acceptable.
  8. Cookies, my wife, on occaision has called me cookie monster.  And I can eat them by the bag.  It is not my fault, they call my name.
  9. Computer games, playing Dragon Age at the moment.
  10. A really well placed, properly delivered one-liner.
  11. Sarcasm.

For the record, I still maintain that negative is funnier than positive.

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