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Before I start this post, I want to add a line from my last post about famous lines from the movies  “As God is my witness, I thought Turkeys could fly”  WKRP in Cincinati.  Those that remember the show, there is no need to explain you are grinning already.

May 18th is my official day to remove the outdoor Christmas decorations.  I was about to pull the wreath off the front door when I realized that there was a birds nest in the middle of the wreath complete with eggs.  I wasn’t sure if the nest was real as the wreath is pretty woodsy looking.  I confered with my wife who assured me that the wreath did not come with a nest.  When I went back out to look again Momma bird was a little upset, so I went on to other things.  Monday May 21st I took a picture of the eggs and two birds had hatched.  Every few days I would sneak out and take snap another picture.  June 5th I walked up to the nest as usual and snapped my picture and got out of the way.  I walked across the driveway and when I looked back all five baby birds exploded from the nest landing in the various trees.  The following are the pictures in order.

Baby Birds


All eggs hatched


Getting bigger



And two minutes later they flew

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My favourite month is October.  Not only is it my birthday month, not only is it my eldest sisters birth month.  I love the weather, I love the fall, (although not the cleaning of the leaves)  and in this house, we love Halloween.  The following are pictures that can be found on my Facebook page and they are images of Halloween’s past.  I know I should have imbedded pictures, but at the moment I am sitting, my legs hurt and I’m lazy, so finding some of these photo’s at the moment is just not happening, so I’m uploading from Facebook.  When I have time I’ll set up another tab on my blog just for Halloween pictures.    halloween, halloween 2nd vidroom 2009, graveyard smash, graveyard 2.

This year we ran out of time to do very much.  I didn’t even get to set up the coffin as seen above in the videos.  However all was not lost, we created a band.  The greatfully dead was playing at our house on Halloween featuring that ole’ honky tonk legend Skelly Bones.  Skelly was backed up by Sten on base.  The diorama’s I made some time ago and the bottles are a slow collection, most of which we find lying around on our property, the people who first owned the property burned all sorts of trash that simply didn’t burn, including old glass bottles.  Every now and again I go down to the burn sites to see what I can dig up, but that is for another post.  Go ahead to click on the pictures to see the details. 


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