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I love remote control toys. I don’t have many as I really can’t justify spending the money and the good ones are usually quite expensive. Years ago I built a remote control sailboat, but that is a story all on its own.

I love my drone. I don’t fly it nearly enough, mostly because I’m afraid of crashing it, and I am not good a very good pilot. Plus we have trees. Lots and lots of trees. My drone is light, so any breeze makes flying difficult, and just because there is no breeze down here does not mean there isn’t one higher up. There are drones that can actually sense trees and not fly into them, maybe one day when I can pilot better I’ll be able to ‘invest’ a little more and get something more advanced. For the moment the one I have will do fine.

All you have read thus far has nothing to do with this story. I just needed a place to start. Often the beginning is the hardest part.

I was flying the drone around the house, snapping pictures as I went. I was trying to take video but I had forgotten how, (hold down the picture button). Sounds simple but when the drone is in the air, there seems to be a lot going on and I tend to panic.

Later, in the comfort of my living room I was looking at the pictures, there was the driveway, the lawn, part of the roof, (which reminds me I need to clean the gutters) and the tree I flew into seconds later.

After reviewing the picture of said tree I am not sure I flew into it. I think my drone was called into it by the demons that inhabit the tree. You don’t think I am serious, take a good look at the picture. I even made it easy for you and circled the demons face. I also see two more faces, one directly to the left of the circled face and another just above.

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My wife and I are very lucky living on the side of a mountain in Central Pennsylvania. Clary, our 100 pound Great Pyrenees loves the woods. We have made a habit of going on daily walks down one of the three trails that run through our 11 Acres. Every now and again when walking the trail furthest from our house Clary decides she doesn’t want to walk anymore she will stop and sit. Getting her to move forward is akin to moving a mule that doesn’t want to be moved. The only direction she will go is home dragging me the entire time.
I was telling one of my co-workers about Clary’s refusal to go into the woods, he told me she probably hears the barking dog.

 At the furthest point on the trail, mainly in the fall when the leaves have fallen off the trees you can just make out a little hunting shack on the next ridge, sometimes there is a little smoke from a fire and one can hear a dog barking and if you squint just right you can just see it running back and forth barking it’s fool head off. 

“Well, there  is that dog in that hunting shack off the back of our property” 

“You have seen and heard this dog?” He asked?

“Not often, but yes”

“Have you met the owners?”

“No, I can’t even figure out how to get to that house, there doesn’t seem to be a road or path that leads to the house.”

My co-worker looked at me strangely and said, “I guess it’s time somebody told you about the barking dog.”

Seventy five years ago a young family built and lived in that house lived off the land in true homesteader fashion. Nobody is sure exactly what made the young man snap but one evening he shot and killed his wife, both his children and the dog, set the home on fire sat down on the front porch where he perished in the flames. To this day nobody goes near the place, some still claim to hear the dog barking. Hunters who try and hunt the land say it is barren of all wildlife and in the wee hours of the morning some see wisps of smoke coming from where the house used to stand.  

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June 27th 2011 I wrote a post ‘Do You Believe’ it was my first stab at partial fiction and it created quite a bit of chatter on line, in email and at work. The ghost was the only part I made up. I don’t believe in ghosts, or didn’t. Now I am not so sure.  Yes, I had an experience.

A few halloweens ago we purchased two chandeliers one of which hangs in our living room year round.

A few weeks after Katiebug, one of our cats whom had to be put down due to cancer, my wife and I were watching TV  I happen to glance at the chandelier, it was slowly rocking but only slightly like it was about to stop. At first I thought maybe I bumped it when I sat down because that does happen but the chandelier just would not quit. The heavy drapes were covering the window there was no breeze. I sat perfectly still feeling for any vibrations, there were none, yet the chandelier kept it’s slow steady pace.  I looked at the clock and decided I would not look at the chandelier for five minutes, it had already been ten. When the five minutes finally passed I looked up and the chandelier was still rocking steady like a metronome.

Very quietly I said to my wife, “I think we have a ghost” I got the strangest look in return. My wife is a believer but she knows I am not. I pointed at the chandelier.  “It will stop in a moment” she said.  “you probably bumped it and didn’t realize it” her words echoed my thoughts.  “No” I said it has been doing that for at least fifteen minutes. We both fell silent but I watched my wife out of the corner of my eye and she continued to glance at the swinging chandelier.  She seemed to be willing it to stop.  After a few moments she says, “We acknowledge and accept that you are here”  Still the chandelier kept on swinging. I waited a little while longer but eventually I had to physically stop the chandelier.  I freely admit that I had hoped that once I sat down it would start swinging again, it didn’t and it still hasn’t to this day, but I still watch and hope.


My beautiful ghost.

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Me in front of the Avondale Hotel

I would love for you to convince me that ghosts exist. But you can’t. You can tell me stories, you can show me all of your evidence, but unless you show me a ghost I’m probably going to roll my eyes.  

I’ve changed my mind.

The other day my wife and I decided to get some burning bushes for the front of our house.  We ended up in Philipsburg. Philipsburg is the home of Philip of Philips head screwdrivers.  You can even see the original building were Phil made his first screwdriver, rumor has it that it took him three additional years to come up with the screw.   It was a difficult three years, so difficult Philip suffered from horrible chest pain so he came up with a type of milk that relieved heartburn.

Usually when we are entertaining guests and bring them to Philipsburg I start with the screwdriver story, I’ve actually had one or two people wondering. The problem is I never know when to shut up, by the time I get to either Philips Milk of Magnesia or sometimes Philip Magnavox people begin to realize I’m making things up as I go.  Seriously though, this post is not about Philip or his town.  In fact Philipsburg has nothing to do with this story, except that we could not find burning bushes in Philipsburg.

We ended up going to Black Bear Nursery which is in Winburn over by Kylertown. Let me tell you about Kylertown. Population 426, according to the census bureau four hundred and forty two of the people are white one person is Indian the other two are unaccounted for.  As strange as it may seem, one of those 426 people is a co-worker of mine. Winburn Pa, according to the PA demographic Information has an estimated population is 105 people. 

We found ourselves driving deep in the heart of Winburn and there was no sign of anything.  We traveled down the deserted roads marveling at the beauty of the lush green forest that surrounded us.  We turned a corner and came across a building badly in need of repair from the direction we were traveling we could only see the backside.  Some of the windows on the first floor were cracked many on the second floor were boarded up.  Just as we were passing the building my wife saw a sign, “Avondale Hotel, Open for business” “Turn in!” my wife said, “Let’s stop and check it out!” The front of the building was done up for Memorial Day complete with lit up neon beer signs in each of the windows. The first thing I said to my wife was “I hope it is haunted”. The door was wide open and there were two grizzly looking guys sitting out front talking, as we parked the car they got up and headed inside.  My wife jumped out of the car and headed for the door.  I thought it best to guard the car.

Except for the young girl tending bar the front of the hotel was empty.  The girl explained to us that her father purchased the place a year ago and has slowly been restoring it.  They just got their liquor license but the kitchen and upstairs were still closed.  The ‘girl’ showed us a display case that held some of the treasures her father had found.  The Avondale was built about 100 years ago and burned down in its early years, restored and closed in the early 80’s and only re-opened a few short months ago.  The actual wooden bar was beautiful and was part of the original building.  I had fun running my hand over the 100 year old wood and thought about what tales this piece of ‘furniture’ could tell.  The girl showed us a ledger book along with some pictures. This is coal country and I could imagine the workers hooking up their horses to the hitching posts and sitting at the bar after a hard day’s work. 

My wife asked the girl if the place was haunted.  She told us that the contractors have told her that sometimes at night the 100yr old cowbell that hangs above the door will ring even when the door is closed.

I asked if I could meet her father, I just wanted to meet the man who would take on such a wonderful challenge.  She told us he was working and wouldn’t be back until late that night.  I apologized as I thought that one of the men that came inside must have been her father.  She looked at me oddly and asked me, “What men?” I told her about the two grizzly guys sitting outside. I got a blank stare in return.  My wife told her that they came inside just as we were parking the car.  We got the same blank stare.  As we turned to leave I noticed a picture above the bar, it was one of those pictures that was done in Sepia and made to look old.  “That guy!” I said.  “He was one of the men that came in here just as we pulled up.”  She looked at me and said, “You guys are serious? You saw that man come into this building?” 

“Yes” My wife and I answered together. 

“That” the girl said is George Womer!  He built this hotel 100 yrs ago!

Our first view of AvondaleAvondale front, nowMe in front of Avondale HotelAvondale now

Avondale Hotel, 100 yrs ago

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