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3D42FC64-C75B-4FA9-8BC8-F7A9E8EFD90CWe live in the woods and often get visitors of the wild kind. As I ease back into blogging I thought I would take the easy way out this time and share some footage of our various visitors.  Some, like the bear are very recent, other pics are from a while ago.


These wee ones are in a Burning Bush directly outside our bedroom window.  Denyce and I were watching and trying to figure out what type of birds they are, one  fell out of the nest.   I ran outside found the little dude (I don’t know if it is male, female or gender fluid, nor do I care) and placed him/her/them back into the nest.  While mom and dad watched from a nearby branch.  I came running back into the house only for Denyce to tell me he/she/them fell back out.  Once again I ran outside, found the little bugger and placed him/her/them (how exhausting) back into the nest.  When I got back into the house Denyce asks, “Was it the same one?”   I guess she saw the dumbfounded look on my face because she followed up with, “Well maybe it had some dirt on it.”  The Good news, it has been a few days and everybody is still where they should be.  Incase you you are wondering they are Grey Catbirds.



For a few years we had a white squirrel running around, very rare in this area and no, not an Albino,  Clary barks at them all.  Denyce figures he was a grey squirrel and Clary just frightened the grey out of him.  We called him Pyr-a-Squirrel as he is the same color as Clary.  All the neighbors knew about him and we all kept an eye out.  We haven’t seen any around in about two years now.   And yes, we know he is male, he was not shy about standing up and stretching to get to the bird feeders.

Denyce was texting with a neighbor when suddenly the neighbors texts, “Hey there is a bear crossing my driveway heading your way.” So I jump up camera in hand and get a couple of shots of this guy. He/she/they started running once he/she/they spotted us.  He/she/them was about 4 ft at the shoulder.  Denyce and I raced through the house to see if we could get a better look at the Black Bear and we opened the porch door just as the bear stopped at the end of the porch.  The bear took one look at us and had a look on it’s face of “AHHHHHHHH………HUMANS!!!!!!”  His response was this photo below.


In the last pic that is actually its butt in the air. Mother Nature is quite amazing.

img_0312While hard to tell from this picture. Boris is actually the size of my palm.  But what she lacks in size is made up in her presence.  There have been several discussions that surround Boris including the debate on selling the house and not disclosing her presence to potential buyers, to burning the place down.   When we called the Penn State bug people, (yes, I know a spider is not a bug) they told us not to worry as she is quite common and keeps other spiders away, (not really). I think the spider guy was trying to be re-assuring when he told us we never have to worry about walking into her web, Boris doesn’t make a web as She is a hunting spider! We we figured out Boris was a she when his one day my wife came home and Borisella was sitting on an egg sack.  Yes, an egg sack, we now have many of these spiders running about.  *sigh*


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Empty Nesters

We are now officially and literally empty nesters. Thirteen days after the eggs hatched all four have flown the coop. The first one left around 10:45 last night. We had just returned from our first ever wine tasting and we saw one of the little guys on the deck. As we approached to get in the door he jumped off the deck and into the grass. We tried to catch him to put him back in the nest because evil lurks in the darkness but we could not get him. The other three were all hunkered down. This morning as we were leaving to go grocery shopping the other three were looking eager to leave. When we got back home they were all gone. They did leave us with a parting gift, as you can see it is a blob of bird poop. So that saga appears to be over I will return you to your regularly scheduled programming.


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For those paying attention it has now been nine days since the Robins eggs on our front deck have hatched. The eyes have opened, they have found their voices, pin feathers are turning to full fledged feathers. I imagine it won’t be long till we come home to an empty nest. When I first saw the nest I didn’t think they had a chance being where it is. look where we are now.

Day 1


Day 9


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It is spring here in Happy Valley. We have more than mice, wasps and bears. This robin’s nest is on the railing of our front deck. They hatched this morning and it now seems to be dinner time.




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Before I start this post, I want to add a line from my last post about famous lines from the movies  “As God is my witness, I thought Turkeys could fly”  WKRP in Cincinati.  Those that remember the show, there is no need to explain you are grinning already.

May 18th is my official day to remove the outdoor Christmas decorations.  I was about to pull the wreath off the front door when I realized that there was a birds nest in the middle of the wreath complete with eggs.  I wasn’t sure if the nest was real as the wreath is pretty woodsy looking.  I confered with my wife who assured me that the wreath did not come with a nest.  When I went back out to look again Momma bird was a little upset, so I went on to other things.  Monday May 21st I took a picture of the eggs and two birds had hatched.  Every few days I would sneak out and take snap another picture.  June 5th I walked up to the nest as usual and snapped my picture and got out of the way.  I walked across the driveway and when I looked back all five baby birds exploded from the nest landing in the various trees.  The following are the pictures in order.

Baby Birds


All eggs hatched


Getting bigger



And two minutes later they flew

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