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My favourite month is October.  Not only is it my birthday month, not only is it my eldest sisters birth month.  I love the weather, I love the fall, (although not the cleaning of the leaves)  and in this house, we love Halloween.  The following are pictures that can be found on my Facebook page and they are images of Halloween’s past.  I know I should have imbedded pictures, but at the moment I am sitting, my legs hurt and I’m lazy, so finding some of these photo’s at the moment is just not happening, so I’m uploading from Facebook.  When I have time I’ll set up another tab on my blog just for Halloween pictures.    halloween, halloween 2nd vidroom 2009, graveyard smash, graveyard 2.

This year we ran out of time to do very much.  I didn’t even get to set up the coffin as seen above in the videos.  However all was not lost, we created a band.  The greatfully dead was playing at our house on Halloween featuring that ole’ honky tonk legend Skelly Bones.  Skelly was backed up by Sten on base.  The diorama’s I made some time ago and the bottles are a slow collection, most of which we find lying around on our property, the people who first owned the property burned all sorts of trash that simply didn’t burn, including old glass bottles.  Every now and again I go down to the burn sites to see what I can dig up, but that is for another post.  Go ahead to click on the pictures to see the details. 


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