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I’m sitting here watching the auditions for American Idol.  I can’t sing at all but I often wonder what song I would sing if I was auditioning.  I really don’t know, I’m very eclectic in my listening pleasure.  For the most part I don’t like jazz or opera everything else is fair game.  Often I forget how much I like a specific song.  It is kind of like watching TV.  I always forget how much I love watching I love Lucy or the Honeymooners until I’m channel surfing accidently fall upon one of those shows.

So I’m sitting here watching American Idol and wondering if I’m ever going to post anything on my blog again.  I can’t think of anything to write.  Nothing too exciting is going on and frankly I just can’t seem to find the energy to write, although I do miss writing. 

While I watch Idol I’m surfing the web trying to find something to write about.  First I go to Face Book.  My friend Ray Parker (The Mad Hatter) posts a clip of Sammy Davis Jr. performing Mr. Bojangles.  I’ve love that song, especially when performed by Sammy. I once knew it word for word but I never knew Mr. Bojangles was a real person. Bill (Bojangles) Robinson was an American tap dancer and actor of both the stage and screen.  So I watched a clip of Bill Robinson in action, a clip from the Shirley Temple movie ‘Little Colonel’ and Bill Robinson is teaching little Shirley Temple a tap routine.  I watched the Sammy Davis Jr. clip again with a new understanding of the song. 

So I said to myself, I said, “Self, you can blog about this”  doesn’t matter that nobody else cares.  My blog, my rules. So I started typing.  Then I started thinking.  What if Sammy David Jr. Didn’t write the song?   He didn’t!  Jerry Jeff Walker wrote Mr. Bojangles.  Okay, many singers don’t write their own songs, there are song writers that do that sort of thing.  And yes Jerry Jeff Walker is a song writer, but he also performs.  He is a country western dude and much to my surprise Mr. Bojangles is a country song.  And my third least favourite type of music is Country music so I’m sure you can appreciate my surprise when I found that I really liked Jerry Jeff Walker’s performance of the song.  More amazing is that Jerry Jeff Walker didn’t write the song about Bill Robinson.  While Jerry Jeff was in jail for intoxication there was a white man who refused to give his name to the police and called himself Mr. Bojangles.  In an attempt to lighten the mood in the cell Mr. Bojangles started tap dancing and the song was born.  Then I said, “Self, who else sang this song?”  I started listening.  Neil Diamond did a decent job, Nina Simone absolutely incredible, John Denver was typical John Denver.  Everybody and his mother recorded this song, but nothing like Sammy, I think it was because for some reason this song was very special to Sammy.  But then I clicked on one more version.  Sorry Sammy, I’ve always loved watching and listening to you and probably always will.  But in this instance David Bromberg takes this song to a new level of greatness.

And you know without the internet I would probably never even thought to look any of it up. 

I knew a man, Bojangles and….

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