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Why I Love Google!

Any good sales person will tell you that packaging sells. Any good performer will tell you presentation is everything.  In magic, for example, the only person who really worries or even cares about the method is the magician.  If the performance is there, the rest falls by the wayside.  Sure you need substance, knowhow and skill.  But if you can’t present that skill then it doesn’t really do a whole lot of good, much like having intelligence without wisdom.

Many moons ago when I was working in the bank a co-worker of mine had obviously watched a magician make a solid object penetrate another solid object.  This co-worker came up to me the next day and asked if it was indeed possible to accomplish such a feat.  I performed Perfect Pen. In which you stab a pen through a dollar bill and when you remove the pen from the bill there is no hole in the bill   I had him write his name on a dollar bill and then proceeded to take the pen and punch a hole through the bill leaving the pen penetrating part way through the bill.  When I removed the pen and handed him the unharmed bill the look on his face was priceless, but I wasn’t going to lie.  As I handed him his bill back, I told him no, it is not possible, but as long as I can convince you that I can, then what difference does it make?

I don’t claim to be very smart, but I do believe I can make some people believe I am much smarter than I am.  Google is my favorite weapon.  Google makes me look absolutely brilliant.   I love it when I’m at work and somebody asks me a question.  It can be something as simple as, “Who sings that song?”  Or “How many pounds are in 40 kilograms?”  Or how about, “When did Napoleon die?”  The question doesn’t matter I have (or at least Google has and therefore I have) the answers. 

At work we have so many different types of equipment and for some reason each piece of equipment has a different power cord, (even thought each piece of equipment does the same thing) For example we may carry 5 different types of modems, each one takes its own type of power cord, but we get power cords from different companies so even through two may be the same they look different, worse some look the same and are completely different.  It is a constant battle to figure out what goes with what.  Some will give you the power in amps and others in watts.   I was sitting at my desk and a tech poked his head into the office and asked me what the equivalent of 450 amps was to watts.   I told him I would be right there.  Once he left I quickly typed it into Google and came back and showed him what he needed.  Now the tech thinks I’m brilliant.  The downside of course is now the tech thinks I’m brilliant and comes to me with all his questions. 

Thanks Google.

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