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If you have not done so, read Mouse In The House before you continue reading this.

For those of you with weak stomachs, you may not want to look at the picture that follows.  Obviously one of our crew caught the mouse…ate the mouse, and then threw it back up.  Hey at least it was not on the bed.  It was out in the open and not behind a piece of furniture where it would start to smell. 

For those of you paying attention here is what we found when we got home today


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Mouse, In The House

6:15am, I had just gotten back from walking the dog for the second time that morning. My wife informed me that she thinks there is a mouse in the room.  Four of the six cats were staring intently in one particular spot under the desk, always a sure sign that something is going on.  I took my shower and headed back to my side of the bed.  On the way Floyd attacked Gumdrop.   I nabbed Gummers as she flew passed me and put her on the bed, hoping to give her some relief from the usually laid back Floyd. “SHE HAS A MOUSE!”  says my wife.  Seeing as I was holding her from behind and she does have a ‘wide load’ I leaned over her back and sure enough she has a wiggling mouse hanging out of her mouth.

I got a good hold on her and moved her to the floor and held her while trying to figure out my next move.  Immediately the two largest cats began to circle like land sharks.  My wife suggested that I move Gummers along with her prize into the bathroom and close the door. Good idea, as it will avoid a fight over the mouse, and keep the mouse contained in the off chance that it gets away.  Less than a foot away from the door Gumdrop dropped the mouse!

When we left the house the cats were still under the bed looking for the mouse.  I’m a little afraid of what awaits us when we get home tonight.  I’m seriously hoping we don’t find mouse innards on the bed…again.

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