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Third Times A Charm

Twice before Sequoia has managed to escape us!  The first time was from my wife who was home alone at.  That time Sequoia managed to get loose from her leash, (as my wife tried to untangle her from the banister).  That ended with a dead rooster, (not ours as we don’t have roosters).  The second time Sequoia escaped from me as I tried to untangle her from the banister.  That ended a few hours later with my wife patrolling the roads by car and me running through the woods halfway down the mountain with a hotdog in my hand calling for a dog who while started out going down the mountain, managed to circle around me and settled down on the porch of the people who owned the above mentioned rooster.

Well, I’ve heard that things happen in three’s.  I don’t believe it because shit just keeps happening and we group them into three’s, we may as well group them into 11’s because if its not one thing its another.  But here we are, several years later and yes Sequoia escaped again.  This time however was different.  She escaped while my mother-in-law was untangling her from the banister.  Okay, so it wasn’t that different I only said it was for dramatic effect.

My wife and I are watching TV, (something on Video On Demand) nice and comfortable in our recliners.  My mother-in-law is outside untangling the dog. When she went out I was getting a bad feeling and was already trying to stand up when I heard the call.  “SHE’S LOSE! SEQUOIA IS LOSE!”  As I am getting my shoes on I can hear the dog running back and forth across the deck.  My wife hears the same sound.  ‘Open the door!” my wife yells.  I dive for the door, the hope being that I can get there and coax Sequoia in before she heads off the porch and into the woods.  Success!  It was raining.  Sequoia, the princess of the husky world doesn’t overly like the rain and she makes a bee-line for the door.  I almost lunged for the collar but held back, logic being if I lunge she may step back outside.  In a matter of seconds she is in the house the door swinging closed behind her.  Crises over!  Not so, oh no, nothing in life is that easy, Sequoia and the cats never occupy the same space at the same time.  When Sequoia is in the main part of the house, the cats are locked in the bedroom.  In true husky form Sequoia is a hunter.  Anything smaller is prey.

My wife is scooping up one of the cats, two are on the kitchen table Sequoia is heading for the bedroom where there are two more.  I manage to get my hands on the wet wooly coated husky and pin her against the sofa where I can get a firm grip on her collar.  There is no cat in her mouth, now the crisis is over.

Thank god Video On Demand has a pause button!

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