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Okay, I am trying something new, there is a web thingy called Plinky, it really is interesting.  The concept is that they ask a question or a challange of some sort and you write out your response and you can link it to your blog.  Some of the questions are very interesting and aid in jump starting writers block or are just fun to think about.  The question the other day was, ‘Overheard at My Own Funeral’  The following is what I came up with. 

“Great, its friggin’ freezing and now its starting to rain, that bastard just had to go and die in November.”

“…I hear his wife did very well with the insurance and benifits, I wonder what she is doing after the funeral?”

“How many times did I tell him, black wire is hot, green is ground, white is neutral. But did he listen?…nooooo!”

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