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Seasoned magicians will tell you that some of the best effects have the simplest explanations. 

I’ve always had this fear of looking out the window only to find somebody looking back in, it is a fear I attribute to my brother.  When I was a child and home alone (although my mother was right next door) there was a thump on the window and a skull appeared on the glass. Terror ensued.

Of course the explanation was simple. My brother had forgotten his key, to get my attention all he could think to do was lob a snowball at the window which consequently broke into what looked to me like a skull.  Remember I was young.

Years later I was heading down stairs to the basement when I happen to glance out the window, and there, just on the other side were these yellow/green orbs hovering a few inches over the ground staring into my basement.  Once my heart restarted I was able to glance back at the window and the orbs were gone.

Coming home from school a few days later I noticed a few cats hanging around the basement window.  Yup, my orbs were the eyes of cats who were prowling the neighbour hood at night.   I had acquired 12 doves from Peter Reveen  I housed them in a cage in the basement by the window.   A few neighbourhood cats had taken quite the interest in the doves and would check in on them nightly.

Once again clean simple explanations.  Whats my point?  Keep it simple, you don’t always have to dig deep.

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