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Rude? You decide.

The scene:

A delivery man has an arm load of boxes and is trying to get into a building, a pedestrian is coming down the sidewalk.

The conversation, in Canada (anywhere but Quebec)

Delivery man, “Eh buddy nice day Eh?”

Pedestrian, “oh plenty nice but what are those clouds all about?”

“Oh aye, might get a little rain nothing to worry over”

“yep sounds ’bout right, here let me get those doors for you”

“Thanks, that makes it a bit easier for me, eh”

“You are most welcome glad to do it”

Same situation but in the US, (at least in central Pa)

“Hey bud, get the door will ya?”



“uh huh”

And just for kicks, the same situation in Quebec.

“La porte Tabarnaque, la porte!”

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