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So, What is in your wallet?

Because of a particular commercial this is a question I hear all the time when I watch the television, which is all the time.  So what is in my wallet?  Let me wedge it out of my back pocket and take a look.

In the money spot

Lots of folded up or crumpled up receipts that I’ll never have a use for.

Three “Make it Right” cards, this is given to us by the company I work for.  So If I’m in the grocery store and wearing company clothing and somebody comes up to me and starts complaining about us, I can hand them a “Make it Right” card. When the customer calls the number on the back it goes to a ‘special phone number’ the customer is asked to read off the ID number on the front and that card is linked to me.  The operator then knows this customer has had direct contact with me and I am kept in the loop to ensure the customer is being treated properly. When people complain to me I can’t help them because I work in a warehouse so I can’t get into the Billing system, I’m not a technician so I can’t really answer technical questions, so before they issued these cards my only option was to listen to them bitch and look like an idiot.  Now I still listen to them bitch, I still look like an idiot, but at least I can try to point them in the right direction. Thus far I’ve handed out three cards and they were never activated so I’m not sure why the customer was bitching to me.

1 Ten Dollar bill.  I ordered some Girl Scout cookies so I’ll need the money when they show up.

Some post it notes with passwords and numbers, but I have no idea to whom the numbers belong to or what the passwords are linked to.  But I’m afraid to lose them.

Information for renting a dumpster that my wife gathered a few years ago so we can get rid of a bunch of stuff in the garage.  We never did anything with it, but she told me not to lose the info so here it sits.

On the right side I have:

Business cards from companies I’ve never heard of

3 Club Cards you know those cards so you can earn point or get reduced prices.  Why can’t they just give lower prices rather than make you join a club?  

2 Credit cards, a drivers license and most important my official ‘Always Right Card’  I need the card so when my wife and I disagree on something I pull out the card which states that I am always right!  In theory this should bring the disagreement to an end.  In theory.

 The Left side:

More paper containing numbers codes and passwords to god knows what.

My Onstar card, 3 insurance cards that look identical, another credit card that I don’t think is active anymore and my Green Card which really isn’t green.

In the center section I have a business card from Pirates Treasure It has a skull and cross bones on it, so it looks cool in the little transparent part where you are supposed to put the driver’s license.

 I have one ‘credit card’ that is not actually a credit card.  It is a magic trick that I’ve long forgotten what it does.

More folded up pieces of paper, a subway gift card that I’ve totally forgotten about that probably still has enough for a sandwich.

Don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m going for lunch.

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