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I’ve written about Ghosts before including Do You Believe and Demons in the Trees along with a host of others (I will include additional links below.) Some based along the edges of truth while others are made up. The following three videos were all caught by our security cameras and I cannot explain them. Can you?

This first video was recorded at 1:14am, it is not one of the cats. It moves too smoothly to be an animal. While the curtains are closed I am reasonably sure the entity is outside. Do you know what it is? I don’t.

What can it be?

This next was caught a few years ago. I can see the argument where one can say it is simply a trick of light. However I see the apparition of a dog sitting. My wife thinks it is a cat. Can you see it? It just materializes on the edge of the kitty condo and only for a brief moment.

Cat? Dog? Something else? Or trick of the light?

This will be my final offering of the day. Sorry the image is obscured the camera is mounted between the window and the screen. During the day the screen is invisible, not the case at night. There are no trees along that section of the house, and we have no lighting in that particular area. Yet if you watch the right side of the screen it appears a shadow is running up the side of the house at an angle. In one instant it seems to be almost swinging. One thing I know is that it is way to large to be a bat. Tell me, what do you think?

What can it be?

The following are a few links to my other ghostly stories.

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Okay I admit it. Now that I found out how to post video’s on Youtube I’m constantly thinking of ways to use this tool in my posts. There is one video we took awhile back that I’m searching for, but in the meantime my camera person, (my wife) is learning to use the camera and I am learning how to add titles and credits to the video.  I know for a 12 year old this is probably standard stuff.  But for folks like me, well lets just say it is darn close to rocket science.

Anywhow, here is our latest attempt.  Hope you enjoy the world famous 3 card trick.

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