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We try to go to the Pa Renaissance fair every year or at least every other year.  I won’t get into all the details because you can check them out here.  There are many shows to watch including magicians, jugglers, story tellers, musicians, singers, bawdy and comedy acts.  There are interesting shops to wander through, a few old time rides, for an additional coin of the realm (US Greenbacks) you can even ride an elephant. The human chess match between the Queen of England and the King of Scotland is not to be missed, and of course one does not want to miss the Royal Joust. There are endless food stalls selling everything from Turkey legs to bacon on a stick, Deep fried Oreos to Scotch egg eating competitions.  And then there are the costumes,  some are simply amazing and others, well others are just interesting but I like to see them all from those who are paid to be at the faire and those who fork over the $30.00 for the privilege to attend.

When you remove all the glitter, glamour and glitz it is simply the nerdiest place on earth.  A place where nerds from far and wide come to congregate, to drink and make merry where the Trekkies manage to blend in with the twihearts and the elves mingle with the crusaders.   A magical place where a 40 year old Harry Potter can sit with a 60 year old Robin Hood and both be served by the same tavern wench who wears a flint lock pistol on one hip and a sword on the other.

But just when you didn’t think it could get much nerdier it does.  We were heading off to see the falconer, along the way we noticed three teenage boys sitting at a picnic table playing dungeons and dragons!  Really boys, did your mom kick you out of the basement?

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