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Picture Time

A few pictures of our 2021 adventure.

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Picture Day

Denyce and I were out and about taking some winter wonderland Pictures.


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We decided to go on a picnic at Trough Creek which is about an hour or so from where we live.  As you can see we live in a beautiful part of the county. I didn’t get too many pictures because I spent most of my time holding onto a husky while trying to navigate a ledge not quite wide enough for a person and a dog to walk side by side.  Did I mention my dog doesn’t like other dogs? No? Then I probably didn’t mention there were other people with dogs walking along these ledges that, not only were  not wide enough for a dog and a person, but were really not wide enough for a man with a lunging growling husky. 


 The other issue was the suspension bridge.  Okay it wasn’t that high, it was wide enough for two people, there was chain link on both sides, but still it was a suspension bridge.  I have managed to cross the Capilano suspension bridge which is one of the highest in North America so you would think this would be a piece of cake.  But I have crohn’s disease, a piece of cake can inflict some serious pain and much like suspension bridges the sizes or type doesn’t matter.

Sequoia and I made it.


 D Makes a run for it.

Unfortunatly we didn’t have too many outings this summer, it was simply too hot.  But fall is on its way and you never know what tomorrow brings.

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