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Misty: The Update

After I posted my last blog, ‘Misty’ my father sent me an email with some details I had not known about or forgotten.

“We were not in the import and export business. We were produce wholesalers to restaurants, hotels, steamships etc. (Not to grocery stores)”.

 “I got Misty in a deal I made to buy 100 cases of Tomatoes and the supplier would give me a dog. I had no idea when I said OK what kind of a dog it was, not that it would have made a difference”.

Misty did pull all of you around in a sleigh at the country house. She loved that place. I can still see her romping around in the snow.

In my previous post I told the story of how Misty parted the newspapers and pooped on the floor, what I didn’t know was why.  The following from my father explains all.  Again for those of you thinking about becoming a husky owner you may want to think twice.

 “…the first night we had her and put all that paper down. Once it was all down, we worked on blocking the stairs going up. If you remember, it was an open staircase and we found some pieces of wood and used some suitcases to block all possible ways for her to get out of the basement. When we finished and went upstairs, Misty was waiting for us in our bedroom. To this day I can’t figure out how she got by us and how those little legs took her up that staircase. Anyway we brought her back downstairs and to thank us she spread the paper and pooped on the floor.”

 I do remember that my father did not put an ad in the newspaper for Misty, but was unclear on the details of who eventually wound up with her:

 “… We never did put an ad in the paper to sell her. We wanted her to have a home where we knew the people personally and that they would take proper care of her. We tried for quite a while but had no takers. Finally the purchasing agent of the Queen Elizabeth hotel, who was a friend of ours and a golfing buddy had just gotten married. I thought it would be nice if they had a beautiful dog. He was hesitant but his wife jumped at it and that was that. Misty was going to have a good home. I know she was happy because they used come by once in a while with her and she always got really excited to see us, but there was never a problem of her leaving with them. We were sad but happy that she was well taken care of”

I am glad to know that Misty was well loved and taken care of.  In the end it is all I can ask and all that I hoped for.

Thank you dad.

My Eldest sister, My Brother, Misty, Me

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