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While on the road with our fifth wheel we noticed water on the shelves and vegetable bins of our fridge. Along the back wall there is this trough like thing with some rubber tubing attached. The other end of the tubing goes through the back of the fridge to only God knows where. A closer inspection revealed that the tubing was not really attached to the aforementioned trough like thing. Finally an easy fix, just reconnect the two. I needed a little more room to maneuver, easy enough, just have to remove the shelves. Guess what? Nothing is easy! Shelves in the fridge are screwed down. Fortunately we own a screwdriver.

Much to my horror the tube was too short to properly connect to the thingy! Yanking on the tube was a scary prospect because I didn’t know where the other end hooked up. I certainly wasn’t going to pull the fridge out, if the shelves are screwed in imagine how the fridge must be attached to the wall. I was not about to find out. Nor did I want to mop out the fridge every day or worse have it start to leak outside the fridge. Water and rv’s don’t go well together. Ever so gently I started pulling on the tube. I was able to gain another inch before I met any resistance. I secured the hose to the thingy and put the shelf back in. Monitored it closely for the next few days and the problem seemed to be resolved. Go Me!

But the water came back. We didn’t need to build an Ark but it was definitely back. The hose was still affixed to the thingy but the thingy was full of water to the point of overflowing. Obviously the tube was blocked, I tried squeezing the tube but that did nothing. Faced with the end of my knowledge of all things fridge I did the only thing left. Google.

Google, in all its web hive wisdom told me the tube was blocked. Google told me to go outside the rv and remove the panel behind the fridge and check the end of the tube. Sounded like a plan. There, amongst a bunch of wires and something that looks suspiciously like a motor was a tube that looked exactly like the one in the fridge, it traveled up the wall and vanished. I surmised that what I was looking at was the other end of the tube. There was a black plug wedged into the opening of the tube. Using my knife I carefully worked the plug out of the tube. What I did not do was step out of the way and in seconds the tube was peeing fridge water all over me. Still holding the black plug I went back and checked inside the thingy and now it was empty of water. The question now, ‘why is there a plug in the end of the tube?’ It was obviously there for a reason but the tube could not do its job with a plug in one of its ends. I asked Google. I found two articles on the plug at the end of the tube in an rv fridge. Both said to keep the plug in place. The first reason made sense, it kept ants out. The second reason said it regulated the temperature. I do not have any faith in the second reason but I was not about to take any chances. Nobody is going to blame me for climate change because I failed to replace the dreaded tube plug. With great regret I put the plug back in the tube but didn’t jam it in, just a nice loose fit, perhaps the water is supposed to ooze around the plug?

A few days later the thingy in the fridge was overflowing. I ran around the rv, took off the panel looked at the motor, wires and took the plug out of the end of the tube (standing away from it this time because sometimes I learn) and fridge water came peeing out of the tube. I figured that this wasn’t right, but wasn’t the end of the world and every few days I’ll just pull the little plug.

While it wasn’t a difficult task it did get annoying after a few weeks. So I went back to google and all the Googlemyster could suggest was that the drain tube was plugged. Arrrgh! Of course it is plugged there is a plug in the end of it that I’m not supposed to remove because it may alter the temperature. My lovely wife suggested I ask about it on an RV web site we belong too.

Must have been 1am when I started to pose my question on the web site. When all of the sudden it hit me. Maybe there was supposed to be a hole in the plug itself! Could it be that simple? I jumped up tripped over the dogs, which woke my wife, I explained that I had to go investigate the plug. By the glow of my flashlight I opened the panel that housed the motor and wires and removed the plug and brought it inside the rv and began my investigation. The plug looked solid but there was also a slight recess inside it. I took a tooth pick, and this folks, is the most amazing part of the story, the part that we have all been waiting for, the part that inspired me to write this long winded story about a drain tube in a fridge. (Drum Roll) Not only did we have toothpicks, I actually knew where they were!

And you know what? With that toothpick I found a little piece of fridge debris inside the plug that was blocking the tiniest of holes. A hole just large enough to let water seep though. We have not had water in the thingy since.

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90th Post

Those of you who read this blog on a regular basis know that every 10th post is more about me and what I’ve learned in my previous posts or at least something to that effect.  Unfortunately I’ve got nothing, nada, zip.

So let us discuss the new fridge.

Our fridge is 30 years old and runs constantly. Our electric bills are getting higher and higher. It is time!

My wife has been looking for quite some time and now it was time to go shopping for real.  The issue is the old one is so small.  A new one, complete with bottom freezer and an on the door water/ice dispenser placed where the old one stood would mean a 10 thousand dollar re-model.  We do intend to re-model we are just not there yet.

My wife suggests that, at least for now we place the new fridge on the opposite wall where the microwave is and place the microwave where the old fridge stands.  The fridge would be free standing size would not be a limitation and we would not have to re-model the entire kitchen at this time.  Sounds like a perfect plan, doesn’t it?

Just as we find the fridge we want, we learn that Lowes is offering 18 months same as cash financing. A quick trip to Lowes is in order.  They do carry the fridge but it is almost $500.00 more.  The sales guy investigates and finds that the other store had the older model.  This one actually has two icemakers one in the door and one in the freezer the other only had the one in the door.  Was this worth $500.00? Nope!  This salesman however is determined not to lose the sale.  He gives us the new model at the price of the old one.  Delivery and installation is free, and the 5 year warranty was cheaper than the other guys.

Installation does not mean they will install a water line for you.  It means they will hook it up to an existing water line.  Did you know they have a do it yourself ice machine water line kits?  The do, no tools needed.  I love tools. I hate pipes.  How can you hook up a water line to a brass pipe without tools, without cutting into the pipe adding a valve?  I’ve done this before, sometimes it goes easily enough. Other times we have to break out the rain gear. Tools or not, I do have to crawl under the house, in the crawl space, with the spiders. I’m no fan of spiders.  

If we go under the house then there is the added issue of freezing water lines.  We would have to insulate around it and add heat tape all of which means more time under the house.  We could call a plumber and there goes $200.00 dollars when the ‘no tools DIY installation kit is less than $25.00!  Hello spiders, here I come.

My wife suggested we don’t bother going under the house.  We can tap into the water line under the sink and snake the water line behind the oven, dishwasher, and counters and come out the other side a few feet along the baseboard and voila, no spiders, no insulation, no heat tape, and bonus I get to use tools for the no tool hookup.  I get to cut through the counters.

Our dishwaser and oven are side by side, I installed the dishwasher so I know the last thing I want to do is pull it away from the wall. I figured I could pull out the oven and it would be an easy thing to snake the water line behind the dishwasher.  I didn’t remember the wall between the dishwasher and the oven, but there it was. Now I had to somehow snake a water line through a ¼ inch hole in a wall maneuver it blindly behind the dishwasher and feed it through a ¼ inch hole on the other side.  What should have taken moments took a few hours and many swear words.  Victory however was mine!

I was sweating as I hooked up the no tools valve to the water line.   I was holding my breath as I turned the screw and felt the pin pierce the copper pipe.  I almost cried when I backed the pin out of the hole and heard the water fill the line.  I jumped for joy when there were no leaks and water flowed. All the while my wife was comfortably asleep in front of the TV, my helper for this endeavor was Floyd and as wonderful as Floyd is, he does not have opposable thumbs and therefore was not really any help at all.

As the Lowes truck pulled up to the door I began to wonder.  Will the fridge get through the door?  We probably should have measured!  It was really close there was no room to spare, if the wires on the back of the fridge were any thicker we would have had to remove the front door.

Both my wife and I are guilty of shooting first and asking questions later.  Yes we knew it was taller, yes we knew it was wider what we really didn’t realize is that it is a foot deeper.  As we sat in our living room and looked into the kitchen we both wondered the same thing.  Holy shit! There is a monolith in our kitchen.  We both really liked the fridge and were really excited by it, but it is now the focal point of the kitchen.  It is a behemoth that cannot be missed! 

It took a good hour before we got used to it.  Before we saw how it really does fit into the kitchen. Yes it is big, yes it dominates but somehow the kitchen looks better, cleaner more functional.  In an odd way there is more space.  We had to move the table so our chandelier is now off centered at the moment. (There is a fix for this and it probably requires tools).  

In the end we are very happy with the new addition to the family.  The water tastes better so we don’t have to buy bottles and jugs of water anymore.  We have two ice makers so buying ice is a thing of the past.  The power company will give us $35.00 and remove the old fridge and the government will give us $50.00 as the new one meets the energy star requirements.  And our electricity bills should go down.

Of course for the next 18 months I am working for the fridge, but the beer is cold and we have hard ice cream again.  And the constant hum in the kitchen is gone.

fridge, not yet settled in

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