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So what does Steven Tyler, nacho’s and Denny’s have in common? 

The first time I visited State College Pa my wife (who was not my wife at the time) and I went to an Aerosmith concert.   After the concert we found ourselves driving around State College at 2am looking for Nacho’s.  Finally we had to admit defeat.  You just can’t find Nacho’s in State College at 2am, at least not then.  We ended up eating a hamburger at Denny’s. 

Tonight Fourteen years later, (holy crap 14 years) my wife (the aforementioned girlfriend) and I went to Denny’s and had a hamburger.  I was telling my wife that I am fighting a case of writers bloggers block.   She said, “Well, you can write about how 14 years ago we went to an Aerosmith concert and then went to eat at Denny’s, and tonight we ate at Denny’s and are going home and watching Steven Tyler on American Idol!”

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