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I love remote control toys. I don’t have many as I really can’t justify spending the money and the good ones are usually quite expensive. Years ago I built a remote control sailboat, but that is a story all on its own.

I love my drone. I don’t fly it nearly enough, mostly because I’m afraid of crashing it, and I am not good a very good pilot. Plus we have trees. Lots and lots of trees. My drone is light, so any breeze makes flying difficult, and just because there is no breeze down here does not mean there isn’t one higher up. There are drones that can actually sense trees and not fly into them, maybe one day when I can pilot better I’ll be able to ‘invest’ a little more and get something more advanced. For the moment the one I have will do fine.

All you have read thus far has nothing to do with this story. I just needed a place to start. Often the beginning is the hardest part.

I was flying the drone around the house, snapping pictures as I went. I was trying to take video but I had forgotten how, (hold down the picture button). Sounds simple but when the drone is in the air, there seems to be a lot going on and I tend to panic.

Later, in the comfort of my living room I was looking at the pictures, there was the driveway, the lawn, part of the roof, (which reminds me I need to clean the gutters) and the tree I flew into seconds later.

After reviewing the picture of said tree I am not sure I flew into it. I think my drone was called into it by the demons that inhabit the tree. You don’t think I am serious, take a good look at the picture. I even made it easy for you and circled the demons face. I also see two more faces, one directly to the left of the circled face and another just above.

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