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A recent post on Facebook from my friend Penney:

“I would like a few minutes alone with whatever sick freak of a toy manufacturer came up with the idea of noisy toys with no OFF SWITCH! What, did they cut a secret deal with Duracel? I’m so tired of hearing these things go off when I clean the kids’ rooms.”

Seeing that I’m having trouble coming up with things to write about I figured this would make a great theme for a blog post.  What other rat bastard’s are out there?

How about…

The idiot’s who made the decision to keep manufacturing one-ply toilet paper after two-ply hit the market?  Rat Bastard!

The guy who invented the alarm clock?

The guy who came up with perforations on packaging to make it easier to open packages?  For the most part I think the perforations are re-enforced.

The person who came up with the idea of daylight savings?

The guy who came up with that stupid baby on board sign?  Do you honestly believe I am going to change my driving habits because you have a baby on board?  A co-worker once told me that she has one so that other drivers will understand if she suddenly slows down because she has to attend to the baby in the back seat!  Excuse me people but if that is your thinking then might I suggest that having a baby in your car does not entitle you to become a moving hazard.  Pull off the road and deal with the child, or how about this, let the kid cry!  It won’t kill anybody.

Joggers who jog on the street? Do people honestly think that is healthy? Pounding your knees, feet and hips on that pavement?  Breathing in those fresh car fumes? How about the ones who jog in 90 degree heat, or when it is 10 below zero? And a note to those who jog three and four abreast so they are halfway into the road, my car trumps your bones.   

The person who is undoubtedly going to come up with something better than blue-ray? I don’t want to buy a new piece of equipment and I don’t want to buy my movies…again.

Those that win big in the lottery only to end up in debt three years later?  For crying out loud just give me the money.

I’m sure this list will grow as time goes by.  Feel free to add your own in the comment section.

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