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For weeks there was a stray German shepherd struggling to survive behind the Saint Joan of Arc Catholic church in Cambria County in central Pennsylvania. It was reported that the God loving Pastor of this church encouraged his flock to ignore the dog, probably in hopes that it would just go away, like any good sheep they obeyed while the dog needlessly suffered.

If another unfortunate set of circumstances would not have unfolded the way they did this dog would have died cold, alone, afraid and starving a few feet from a house of God while it’s parishioners warm and well fed prayed, asking God to recognize them as good people.

A woman approached the dog and the dog snapped at her, the husband then shot the dog in the head.  The dog survived and was rescued by a local dog rescue called Dogs Deserve Better.

The story gets interesting as more facts come to light. After the dog was shot it was one of the parishioners who eventually made a report to the authorities.  Once the report was made and word got out Dogs Deserve Better stepped in and rescued the dog who then offered a $1000.00 reward for information on the shooter.  It was only after the reward was offered that the woman stepped up to the plate and admitted that it was her husband who shot the dog.  The latest update is that the police concluded their investigation and the shooter is being charged with animal cruelty.

I don’t understand why all this happened?  When the dog first appeared couldn’t the pastor simply call the Humane Society of Cambria County?  How can one call themselves a good Christian and then knowingly allow one of God’s creatures to suffer?  Suffer a few feet from where they worship and intentionally do nothing about it?  I laugh at the person who ratted out their husband in order to collect a thousand dollars, only to have him charged with animal abuse.  The whole pathetic lot are just a bunch of Rat Bastards!

I am thankful that the dog was eventually rescued and will soon be in a good home. 

Calling yourself a good Christian because you go to church, is like calling yourself a mechanic because you have a car in your driveway.

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