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My Desk

On another blog the author asked the people who follow her to send a picture of the place where they write.  I’m not sure why I found that interesting but I did.  Every now and again, during lunch I take a few minutes to write ideas for this blog.  Sometimes I end up writing an entire post, today is one of those days. Usually, however I blog while sitting on my recliner while watching tv.  My desk is an average desk, probably made in the early 60s.  It has a shallow front drawer which is full of pens and other implements of destruction.  On the right side are two drawers one of which is a filing cabinet which is seldom used, the other is another shallow drawer full of, paper clips, bull dog clips, a calculator, push pins and other thing-a-ma-bobs.  The left side is the exciting side.  Three drawers, my keys and wallet in the top, and I have not opened the others for a month.  Perhaps I should hold a ‘guess what is in my desk’ contest.   Off to the left is the desk top computer followed by the phone that I never use as I use my cell phone, in front of the phone are various papers, on the papers is a ruler and tabs for some dividers to sort out a file cabinet that I sadly do not use.  Two modems that need mailed out to another warehouse, an old-fashioned stapler and a cup of pens. Beside all that is my personal cell phone, my iPod, a wrench, modern stapler, a marker, directly beside me still to my left is a blue coffee cup, (The floor broke my company issued red coffee cup when I dropped it) a speaker for my computer a pad of post-it-notes atop a miniature pallet.  Beside that: a receiving stamp a sponge baseball and eyeball a staple remover and two more markers. Moving to the right, is the other speaker, a remote for the tv that we don’t have, a guy sitting on a toilet holding a roll of tape, (supposed to be toilet paper), a box containing extra keys for the van, box-truck, tech window and back gate, more paperwork. There is a bottle of diet Pepsi, more paperwork, a scissors that doesn’t belong to me…yet, my computer mouse and there is a piece of paper under my keyboard which I’m sure I put there because it is important, but I can’t remember why.

My desk at work

For those of you who might be wondering.  The space directly across from me is my supervisors desk.  unfortunately I only got a portion of my desk in the shot.  My lunch hour was running down so I didn’t have a lot of time to play around.   

So? What is on your desk?

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