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Hunting for candy where we usually have it hidden

Thanks to everyone who has donated money to the Clearfield County SPCA in care of Sequoia.  Because of you Sequoia is the 4th highest online earner (you can click on the article beneath Sequoia’s picture to see the standings when you go to the above link). Those that are raising money also have a can with the dogs picture on it in different places around town.  We have a can at Wiscoy who is sponsoring the event. And we have another at my work.  And our friend Jesse had one can at AccuWeather for a while.  We have no way of knowing how the others are doing with their cans but we are about $20.00. which brings us to about $210.00.  I am hoping we can move up on the online portion.  The animals can really use your help, it really is a good thing and time is running out to get Sequoia on a calendar so give now, point your friends to the link.  Remember every dollar helps those we have for whatever reason left behind and they are our responsibility.  My wife and I thank You, the SPCA thanks you, Sequoia thanks you and most importantly the animals that you help thank you.

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