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Some loose ends (for Fate Or Circumstance) I wanted to touch on regarding Sequoia (aka Husky).  I mentioned that her coat was a yellowish colour.  With a good diet and proper care Sequoia’s coat turned into a really thick red/copper and white.

This story took place 7 yrs ago when Sequoia was 2 yrs old. To this day she is still very aggressive towards other dogs.  For the first few years just the sight of another dog would set her off (except for her good buddy Maya who at the time was a puppy). Now I can walk down the street with her or bring her places with other dogs and she is not constantly growling or lunging, that only happens if other dogs get in her face or attempt to ‘touch her stuff” (anything she claims as her own).  Unfortunately Sequoia now gets temperamental with Maya, mostly because Maya is now past puppyhood and will stand up for herself, (Sequoia loves husky puppies).  But when I think about Sequoia then and now, she certainly has come a long way.  A lot of which we attribute to patience, understanding, a really good dog and Cesar Millan the Dog Whisperer, watching his shows has changed our lives for the better. For those of you who don’t own a dog, Cesar’s methods work on people as well.  

Sequoia still challenges us everyday, she is incredibly smart and she can be very sneaky in her challenges.  Spend a day with Sequoia and you will no longer think animals are dumb.

If you ever want to walk a dog in peace, don’t get a husky. Anyone who is not afraid of dogs wants to pet them.  Recently we went to the Grand Canyon, I can’t even begin to tell you how many people stopped us to pet the dog, take pictures of the dog, or tell stories about their dogs, ask questions about our dog, tell us about the movie ‘Snow Dogs’ and does our dog act like that? or how badly they want a husky.  It is always an ego boost but it can get trying.

I can’t tell you exactly when these pictures were taken,  the inside ones must have been pretty early on as her leash is on while she is in the house.  I couldn’t tell you why as the cats were sequestered in another room. And I did not pose her with the duck.

Again thanks for reading and for commenting both here and in private.

Sequoia on her chairSequoia and her duckToes UpSequoia on alert

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