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A few years ago my wife and I decided to take a long weekend and pay a visit to Colonial Williamsburg Va. Colonial Williamsburg is a living history museum. An entire city re-created to simulate life during the Colonial times in the USA.

The first thing we did after checking into our hotel was look for food. A friend of mine told us about the golden coral in Williamsburg, “it has the biggest buffet you have ever seen!” He said. It just so happened that this Golden Coral was right across the parking lot from our hotel. Not far from that was a 50’s Style dinner complete with classic cars in the parking lot. Decisions, decisions. We settled on the Golden Coral with the knowledge that we can eat at the burger joint later.

Do you know what happens when you enter the largest buffet you have ever seen? You become a twisted, demented eating beast. Want gummy bears on your steak? Not a problem. Candied sprinkles on your cauliflower? Good to go. Fish, salad, soups, meats, deserts, pizza, Mexican, Chinese? You name it, it was there. This particular Golden Coral was geared to serve the droves of school and tour busses that descend on Colonial Williamsburg every day. Unfortunately we stuffed ourselves silly, our visit to Colonial Williamsburg would have to wait another hour so we could decompress at the hotel.

We wandered around the town, took in the shops some tours got a feel for the atmosphere learned a ton of stuff now mostly forgotten, we signed up for one of the evening ghost tours. I was really looking forward to the tour and I am sad to say we were a little disappointed. Our tour guide had us walking around the town stopping in front of different establishments and always ended with the predictable, “…And guests report seeing an apparition appear in that attic window” And we would all stand there for a few moments looking at the window but seeing nothing but glass. Or, “The maintenance staff often find the furniture re-arranged when they open that building in the morning” and so it went. I hate to toot my own horn, but I’ve made up better ghost stories.(my beautiful ghost), Do You Believe? And The Barking Dog

As the ghost tour was breaking up one of the other couples mentioned getting a bite to eat. My wife suggested the 50’s style diner down the road at which point the tour guide said to us, “It must have been awhile since you last visited us, so sorry to have to tell you that diner closed 25 years ago and was leveled by the city soon after”.

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