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The other day I had a freezie and suddenly I was 10 again.

Perusing through wthe grocery store in search of something different for our BBQ party my wife picked up a pack of the of the dyed, artificially flavored, frozen sugar-water sticks, I looked at them, looked at my wife, I sort of shrugged and in the cart they went.

The next night I took two out of the freezer snipped off the ends handed one to my wife, I sat down put the end of the frozen treat in my mouth and WHAM! I was 10 again.  I was not excepting such a visceral response. I was expecting nothing more than eating a flavoured icicle and getting a cold headache.

But suddenly it was lunch time at elementary school and a few friends and I were running down the street to Hampstead Park and with a dime or three.   We would get a pack hockey cards, (complete with gum) some candy and on the hot days, we always got a freezie.   Now I’m 44 years old, living a lifetime away from Hampstead park but I swear, just for a second there was a rip in space and time and I was back to that place. 

It is funny what triggers these responses.  The smell of gasoline brings me back to a country house where we used to spend our summers when I was a youngster,  we had a black speed boat, with a red interior, we used to fill the two little red gas tanks that were tucked behind the back seats.  The smell of gas just takes me back to filling those tanks, takes me back to the lake, the peninsula at the end of a friends property.  I’m not sure where the peninsula fits in with the gas but it does.  I still remember talking into the CB on the boat I believe our call letters were XM52101.  Don’t ask me how I know this or why gasoline triggers these memories.  And really I don’t care why, I am just glad they do.

And in case you were wondering, we kept the freezies to ourselves and never even offered them to our guests, but if anyone really wanted one they were in plain sight in the freezer, not that we advertized that little fact.

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It is the end of June and for the life of me I don’t know where the summer went.  It seems like I just posted my 60th post, and here I am ten posts later, The season is simply moving much to quickly.

The following are some random thoughts on my writing experience.

Since my 60th post I have started to write ideas down. I have yet to use one idea I’ve actually written down, but I will continue the excercise because one idea leads to another.

I’ve found that the blogging community is quite giving, recently I’ve had two people give me a ‘shout out’ so to speak.   Jeeney who found me through my sisters blog had some very nice things to say and writes on some very interesting topics.  Also this guy in Chicago, picked up my Technology blog and thought it worth re-posting.  He is a mac tech guy and has some interesting tricks and tips on his page.  Both of these ‘shout outs’ has gained me a few new viewers.  I have to admit I do not read a lot of other people’s blogs although I am going to start.  I do follow the ones to the right of this post and I hope for that list to grow.

As I’ve stated before I’m always checking my stats, every time I turn on the computer I check them and read all the comments and it is always a thrill when somebody new comments.  It is also a big thrill when a faithful reader and good friend comments who has never commented before such as in the case with Jesse on my language post.  I’ve known Jesse for some time and he has read my blogs since I’ve started blogging so it was great to see his comment.  And of course I always love and appreciate my regular commentors.

I primarily write for myself, but I do need an audience, after all if I didn’t I would just write in a diary and lock it all away.  Of course what would end up in a diary would be a far cry from what ends up on here, but that is another story.  I was once listening to an actor who said that he acted for the love of acting. I know plenty of magicians who you have to pay NOT to perform and still they will find a way.  I understand it, I’m not sure I can explain it all in a few words, but I can certainly understand the feeling. While I can’t say that I enjoy the writing process, I do enjoy the finished product.  That often worries me because in the end I hope to write a book, get paid, retire…you know, live the dream.  A common thread I hear from writers is that they love to write. The point being, can you act without an audience, is there satisfaction in it?  I imagine there is, there are plenty of magicians who don’t perform, same as singers I am sure.  But I imagine deep down we all want that audience. 

Training a husky, (stick with me there is a point) is not like training a lot of other dogs.  Other dogs want to please you, for a husky the first thought is always, what is in this for me.  Now when I look around I’m always thinking, hmm, how can I work that into a blog. Years ago I was walking through down town Vancouver with Greg Frewin.  Every now and again Greg would stop and take a picture of the strangest things, a lamp-post here, a mailbox there.  Finally I had to ask him what the deal was.  It turns out he viewed everything as a potential magic prop, and when something caught his eye he took a picture.  I should point out that Greg is not only a truly amazing magician he is also an extremely successful magician.  

Perhaps at 44 years old I’m finally understanding Shakespeare when he says, ‘All The World Is A Stage’

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Robo Raptor

I love technology.  However there is a part of me that would love to live off the grid.  Self sufficient, no job to go too, have a little windmill or solar energy, no computers or phones, but who am I kidding?  While I would have a hard time giving up the internet, I think I could do it. I could not however, give up cable.  But I do wonder/worry sometimes that it is all just too much.  

The other day my sister asked her son if he wanted to play with cards.  Now understand I always have a deck of cards near me.  I have three at my desk at work.  A few in my backpack which goes to work with me.  At least one deck on my nightstand.  And when I look at my end table I see three decks, but I know there are a bunch more in the drawer.  Remember my background is magic, I’ve learned a thing or two and while I don’t perform much I’m addicted to what magicians call card flourishes.   And no, if you click on the link that is not me, I don’t have the time or patience to be that good.  That aside,  sad as it is to say, cards play a big role in my life.   

So I found it a little worrisome when my sister said: “little boy, would you like to play with cards? go get my iphone”  I do play solitaire on my ipod so it should not have been a shock to me.  But I did start to wonder does the boy even know what a deck of cards is?  Well of course he does.  His grandparents own a magic shop.  But how many kids don’t, or soon won’t.  My sister found a hipsta app for the phone.  I looked it up in the app store. It is a Lego application.  Yes you can build things with lego on your iphone.   

Today I got a call from my mother-in-law, she could not get online with her laptop.  She could with her ipod.  I know she could with her desktop because that actually has a cable.  Later in the evening I was thinking about that call, my wife, myself and my mother-in-law each have three ways to access the internet and god forbid if one of those ways goes down, we are lost. Just the other day my wife asked me if I remember dial-up? Of course I remember dial up, heck I remember life before computers. Dial up was horrible, you turned on your computer went out had something to eat, got yourself a drink, used the bathroom, and if you were lucky when you got back to your computer, you were online.  Then it would take a minute or two to actually get to a website.  Yet it was amazing, fascinating the world was at our fingertips.  Now if the site doesn’t come up before I finish clicking on it in my favourites I worry something is wrong with my connection.  And I do find myself getting bored surfing the web, even though the world is literally at my fingertips.  

I used to keep up with technology,  I am confused by the 3G and 4G thing, more interesting, I don’t really care.  Is it just me, or doesn anybody else find it sad that I have three ways to access the internet, four if you count the play station, I’ve a cell phone,  a robotic vacuum cleaner, a robot lizard that is sensative to sounds and will patrol the house on his own, yet I’m still behind the times.

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